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27 Brilliant Halloween Makeup Looks To Get Inspired By If You're Thinking About Going All Out This Weekend

Just a few dozen ways to lock down that ~spooky look~.

1. First, there's these Jack O'Lantern eyes:

2. And this cute cheekbone cobweb:

3. This Wonder Womanly masterpiece:

4. And this look of total ~possession~:

5. A Wednesday Addams costume necessitates a strong black lip:

6. And if you're up for the challenge, there's this doll mask from The Strangers:

7. A good clown face will never not spook people:

8. But also, there's always this skeletal look:

9. And this one:

10. And this one, if you want like, bones, but make it glam:

11. Here's inspo for your Frida Kahlo costume:

12. And here's what you should do for full Harley Quinn vibes:

13. This skull look is simple but v. effective:

14. But if you've got the time, why not try this one, too?

15. This human Ouija board is a flex and we love it:

16. Meanwhile, these scarecrow stitches are honestly very cute:

17. And if you can't stand to wear that Catwoman mask, just draw it on!

18. Meanwhile, put that one green lipstick you randomly bought to use for this Poison Ivy look:

19. Here's a classic vampire vibe:

20. And here's how to do Disney villainess-appropriate makeup:

21. A good Jigsaw face is hard to do, but it's 1000% worth it:

22. Meanwhile, you can step up your black cat game easily like this:

23. Or just go as your fave constellation:

24. Here's how to make the bride of Frankenstein look extra-glam:

25. Meanwhile, make your The Great Gatsby look extra great with some well-placed falsies:

26. Here's a good, classic mime option...

27. And here's a very solid option if you're like, REALLY scrambling:

This post was translated from Spanish.