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27 Brilliant Halloween Makeup Looks To Get Inspired By If You're Thinking About Going All Out This Weekend

Just a few dozen ways to lock down that ~spooky look~.

1. First, there's these Jack O'Lantern eyes:

Instagram: @lunafortun

2. And this cute cheekbone cobweb:

Instagram: @benefitmexico

Find the tutorial here.

3. This Wonder Womanly masterpiece:

Find the tutorial here.

4. And this look of total ~possession~:

Instagram: @santtos03

5. A Wednesday Addams costume necessitates a strong black lip:

Instagram: @kristytheodoremua

6. And if you're up for the challenge, there's this doll mask from The Strangers:

Instagram: @isabellasfx_

Find the tutorial here.

7. A good clown face will never not spook people:

Instagram: @irinakorotinaa

Bring Pennywise to life with this tutorial.

8. But also, there's always this skeletal look:

Instagram: @lilia_cortes

10. And this one, if you want like, bones, but make it glam:

Instagram: @bethanyfae

Check the tutorial out here.

11. Here's inspo for your Frida Kahlo costume:

Instagram: @lalaumakeup

12. And here's what you should do for full Harley Quinn vibes:

Instagram: @n0vembersvery0wn

Click here to watch the tutorial.

13. This skull look is simple but v. effective:

14. But if you've got the time, why not try this one, too?

Instagram: @shiny_alpaca

15. This human Ouija board is a flex and we love it:

Get the tutorial here.

16. Meanwhile, these scarecrow stitches are honestly very cute:

17. And if you can't stand to wear that Catwoman mask, just draw it on!

Instagram: @nyxcosmetics_mx

18. Meanwhile, put that one green lipstick you randomly bought to use for this Poison Ivy look:

Instagram: @ida_elina

Get the tutorial here.

19. Here's a classic vampire vibe:

Get the tutorial here.

20. And here's how to do Disney villainess-appropriate makeup:

Instagram: @maccosmetics

21. A good Jigsaw face is hard to do, but it's 1000% worth it:

Instagram: @beluacosta

Get the tutorial here.

22. Meanwhile, you can step up your black cat game easily like this:

Instagram: @grimmy_kiev

23. Or just go as your fave constellation:

Instagram: @makeupbyflavia_

You'll find a step-by-step tutorial here:

24. Here's how to make the bride of Frankenstein look extra-glam:

25. Meanwhile, make your The Great Gatsby look extra great with some well-placed falsies:

Instagram: @magdalena

26. Here's a good, classic mime option...

Instagram: @ahitsrosa

Get the tutorial here.

27. And here's a very solid option if you're like, REALLY scrambling:

Instagram: @jimenagarciamakeup

12/10 highly endorse a good chip look.


This post was translated from Spanish.

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