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    Updated on Jul 2, 2019. Posted on Feb 2, 2019

    20 Pictures Of Cakes That Truly Capture The Full Spectrum Of Cake Mastery And Disastery

    Some of these are fit for a museum. Some of these are...not.

    1. First, look at this oceanic dream of a cake:

    2. Now, look at this mild nightmare:

    3. Unicorn cakes: so cute, and so colorful!

    4. ...Yet strangely scary, too?

    5. This geode cake is a legit work of art:

    6. While this one's a bit of a wash...

    7. Can we please talk about how this cake is from another galaxy probably?

    8. Whereas this one sure is, um, different:

    9. This cake looks straight-up magical:

    10. This one, however, scares me:

    11. This one is like a Potterhead's fantasy come true:

    12. Whereas this one is just not what J.K. Rowling would have wanted for us, ever:

    13. Pretty sure an astrological sign cake is as schmancy as it gets:

    14. But if this were your bday cake, I think it's an automatic bad luck charm for the year ahead:

    15. Okay, but look at this other astrology cake though!!

    16. Now look away from this cake disaster:

    17. This cake was probably baked in a fairy tale woodland:

    18. While this one will make you wish fairy tales didn't exist:

    19. And maybe a very elegant kitten unicorn cake is your kind of thing...

    20. But obviously, we **kind of** hate but mostly love this internet cat cake:

    This post was translated from Spanish.