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    20 Pictures Of Cakes That Truly Capture The Full Spectrum Of Cake Mastery And Disastery

    Some of these are fit for a museum. Some of these are...not.

    1. First, look at this oceanic dream of a cake:

    2. Now, look at this mild nightmare:

    3. Unicorn cakes: so cute, and so colorful!

    4. ...Yet strangely scary, too?

    5. This geode cake is a legit work of art:

    6. While this one's a bit of a wash...

    7. Can we please talk about how this cake is from another galaxy probably?

    8. Whereas this one sure is, um, different:

    9. This cake looks straight-up magical:

    10. This one, however, scares me:

    11. This one is like a Potterhead's fantasy come true:

    12. Whereas this one is just not what J.K. Rowling would have wanted for us, ever:

    13. Pretty sure an astrological sign cake is as schmancy as it gets:

    14. But if this were your bday cake, I think it's an automatic bad luck charm for the year ahead:

    15. Okay, but look at this other astrology cake though!!

    16. Now look away from this cake disaster:

    17. This cake was probably baked in a fairy tale woodland:

    18. While this one will make you wish fairy tales didn't exist:

    19. And maybe a very elegant kitten unicorn cake is your kind of thing...

    20. But obviously, we **kind of** hate but mostly love this internet cat cake:

    This post was translated from Spanish.