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    The Instagram Account Every Animal Lover Needs To Follow Immediately

    Instagram User Wolfgang2242, otherwise known as Steve, shares his home with 8 dogs, a pig named Bikini, chickens, ducks, and more.

    This is Steve.

    He currently lives with 8 dogs, a pig, chickens, ducks, and the occasional pigeon.

    This is Bikini. Bikini the Pig.

    Bikini is an extremely chill pig who does not mind sharing her bed with her friends.

    When Steve adopted her, he was led to believe she would stay quite small. This was clearly not the case.

    On his Instagram, Steve speaks passionately about the importance of rescuing animals, frequently expressing his love for his pets and how much joy they bring to his life.

    One time, Steve found a wounded pigeon in an alley.

    Steve is here to love all these beautiful faces.

    This is Edna, the newest member of Steve's family.

    We should all be so lucky to be a member of this beautiful wolfpack.

    The world needs more people like Steve, and his treasure of a family.

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