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    13 Gifs For Any Parent Who Has Ever Taken Their Kids on Vacation

    "Please keep your vomit in your mouth right now."

    1. When you drop you the contents of your diaper bag in the middle of a crowded sidewalk:

    Doctor Who / Via

    2. When your kid throws a tantrum in the security line at the airport:

    Cruel Intentions / Via

    3. When they ask, “Are we there yet?” for the thirty-fifth time:

    Addams Family / Via

    4. When you finally find a bathroom and your kid refuses to go:

    New Girl / Via

    5. When they won’t stop kicking the seat in front of them:

    Friends / Via

    6. When you get through an entire day without any fighting:

    How I Met Your Mother / Via

    7. When your baby cries for the entire duration of a trans-atlantic flight:

    Community / Via

    8. When your kid picks the smelliest snack mid-road trip:

    Dumb and Dumber / Via

    9. When they forget their backpack in a taxi:

    Wonder Woman / Via

    10. When your kid throws up on an airplane:

    Romeo + Juliet / Via

    11. When they refuse to eat foreign food:

    The Office / Via

    12. When you think you lose your kid for a minute:

    Game of Thrones / Via

    13. When you finally get that PERFECT family photo:

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