Hens’ Chocolate Flavoured Eggs Available By Next Easter?

According to a French farmer, hens chocolate flavoured eggs will be on sales in most of the European supermarkets by next Easter… Chocolate flavoured egg sandwich anyone?

Breaking News: Hens’ Chocolate Flavoured Eggs Will Be Available For Consumption By Next Easter!

Yes, you’ve read it right, by this time next year, we should be able to eat chocolate flavoured eggs that have been laid by hens!

That was the claim made last week at an international farmers convention by Madame Poisson, a French farmer from Brittany.

Apparently, Madame Avril Poisson has been experimenting for years with various ways that would make hens lay flavoured eggs and it seems that the one on producing hens’ chocolate flavoured ones is the one that was eventually successful.

“All you will need to do, is hard boil the eggs like any other eggs and, once they’re ready, put them in the fridge. Then, once they’re cold enough, you’ll just need to take the shell off and you will have succulent eggs with chocolate flavoured whites and yolks. Simple!”


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Via loupdargent.info

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