• louise

      Spirit Airlines is the worst airline to fly. I was charged $100 to take a bag on the plane this month. Coming home from the FAB Con in Vegas to LA I checked in and confirmed my flight by kiosk in airport, then got to gate was told ONLY as I was boarding the plane for take off that actually? To take my carry-on bag with me (the same one I just flew with just fine a few days before) was now going to cost me an extra $100 to take on the plane with me. Yep, they pulled three women out of the line of ticketed passengers boarding the plane for take-off in 20 min. and said we had to either pay $100 or not fly. Great going, Spirit Air. It’s called ruthlessly ripping people off as a business plan. Nothing like a little highway robbery to make me want to ever fly you again. They should have allowed us to pay at the gate whatever it cost just down the hall within their “fine print” wording which apparently was located somewhere in the kiosk I signed in on…the rule I had not known even existed until they pulled random folks out of line to deal with upon boarding. I sat in the airport for hour before boarding and had no idea I would have to pay extra at gate. I can see having to pay the same fee as I’d have had to pay when I was (allegedly) informed at the airport lobby kiosk, but to add $100 to that an amount just b/c you went into the gate from the elevators below for a fee I NEVER REALLY SAW to begin with just stinks. They stink.  They sat there for a while along with us, why? Our flight kept getting delayed…they were laughing, looking at those of us with bags…then without warning JUST as we stepped onto that plane — THAT’S when we were pulled and charged on the spot. We had plenty of time to be warned about this last minute, massive surcharge — which only seemed to be for those who were flying solo and not in a group to argue back with the Spirit employees doing this. It just seemed random and entirely unfair.

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