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You Know Mark Pellegrino As That Villain In Everything

If you've watched TV recently, you've probably seen Mark Pellegrino doing very bad things. In honor of the actor's 48th birthday, here are some of his most memorable roles.

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You might remember him from Dexter.


He played Paul Bennett, Rita's ex-husband and the father of Astor and Cody. Paul was locked up after beating and raping Rita, but he was eventually let out thanks to good behavior. Clearly Dexter had to take issues into his own hands. Good riddance.

Or maybe from Supernatural.

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He played Lucifer. It doesn't get much more evil than that. Even after Sam escaped from Hell, Lucifer continued to torment him in hallucinations. To be fair, Mark Pellegrino was actually playing Nick, an innocent man possessed by Lucifer. But whatever, he's basically the Devil.

You at least know him from Lost.


He played Jacob. But wait, you say, Jacob wasn't a villain! FALSE. I know we're supposed to think Jacob is a force for good — and sure, whatever, maybe he is — but he totally manipulated a lot of people to protect his goddamn island. Sounds like a villain to me.

Or how about SyFy's Being Human?


He played Bishop, the leader of a vampire coven in Boston. Aidan eventually killed him, but he still pops up in flashbacks, draining innocent people and having really bad hair. What is it about vampires and bad hair, anyway?

Most recently, you might have seen Mark Pellegrino on Revolution.


Did you guess he was a member of the evil Militia? Yep. Jeremy Baker commands a unit of over 50 men, and he'll stop at nothing to find rebel camps. (And to kill everyone inside. You know how it is.)

Next up, he'll star in The Tomorrow People.

He'll play Dr. Jedikiah Price, "an evolutionary biologist committed to containing the threat posed by the 'Tomorrow People,' whom he believes to be a grave danger to the human race." That's right. He's a villain.


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