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20 WTF Moments From This Week's Episode Of "American Horror Story: Coven"

Oh, you thought this season was just about witches? Witches were only the beginning. WARNING: Spoilers for "Boy Parts" and graphic content ahead.

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4. When, in a flashback, Queenie burned a customer's arm with hot oil.


All because he wanted more fried chicken. In a flashback, we learned that Queenie used her human Voodoo doll powers to do some serious damage, and that's what got her sent to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

7. And when she threw Madison and Zoe against the walls.


They totally deserved it. This also allowed Jessica Lange to deliver another perfect line: "In this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of is me."

10. When, in a flashback, Madame LaLaurie saw that her entire family had been hanged by Marie Laveau.


But it's hard to feel any compassion for her, since she's AN ACTUAL MONSTER. You get a pat on the back, Marie Laveau.

11. And when she was buried alive.


Not just alive, but alive and immortal. An eternity with nothing to do would be THE WORST. Most of us can't even go to the bathroom without playing on our phones.

16. And when Madame LaLaurie hit Queenie over the head with a candlestick.


How very Clue of her. Wait, I don't fully understand how Queenie's power works. Did someone else just get a nasty bump on the head?

18. When, in a flashback, Cordelia and her husband did a weird (and sexy) fertility spell.


There was blood and there was fire and there were snakes. That's one way to make a baby.

19. When Zoe was driving Kyle home and Misty popped up in the backseat.


Apparently she was drawn to New Orleans by the resurrection spell. Also, Misty can teleport now! It's basically The Tomorrow People with accents.

20. When Marie Laveau unleashed the minotaur to take care of unfinished business.


Yep, one of the last slaves Madame LaLaurie tortured is also still alive. Because literally no one on this show is dead. Tune in next week for another surprise resurrection, I'm assuming.

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