Why Varys Is The Real Star Of "Game Of Thrones"

    You go and play your game of thrones: just know who's really running the show.

    You think Varys is someone you can overlook? Think again.

    He knows exactly what's what in Westeros.

    And what you're all about.

    He's exactly as polite as he needs to be.

    And a master of the subtle insult.

    Which means he holds YOUR verbal barbs to the highest standard.

    Of course, he can also say more with a look than most people can say with words.

    He knows his eunuch status makes you uncomfortable. AND HE DOES NOT CARE.

    Because he's just BETTER than you are.

    Being a eunuch also makes him way harder to distract.

    He's the only one who considers the bigger picture.

    He sees what others ignore.

    Above all he's a survivor.

    Because he has SEEN SHIT, OK?

    He started from the bottom.

    And now he's more powerful than you could ever imagine.

    Remember, looks can be deceiving.

    So go ahead and underestimate Varys.

    He likes it that way.

    We'll see who's left standing in the end.

    Oh, and one last thing: