Why Megan Fox In "Jennifer's Body" Is One Of The Greatest Horror Villains Ever

    You know Megan Fox is hot, but did you know she's also terrifying? In honor of her birthday, here's a celebration of her best (and scariest) role.

    Let's get this out of the way first: Jennifer's Body is a criminally misunderstood modern-day horror classic.

    And Jennifer Check is an iconic horror movie villain.

    Or at least, she should be.

    She's flirty and fun.

    But she's also TERRIFYING.

    Even before she's possessed by a demon, she's totally evil.

    Everything else is just icing on the cake. Really scary icing.

    Like all great movie monsters, Jennifer leaves a trail of destruction in her wake.

    And she looks great doing it.

    Even when she's supposed to look tired and weak, she's still hot.

    Sorry, Megan Fox is just too beautiful to be ugly.

    She doesn't have to say much to be scary.

    Because she just IS.

    But since Jennifer's Body was written by Diablo Cody, she does get plenty of great lines.

    Basically everything that comes out of Jennifer's mouth is amazing.


    I mean really.

    This climactic exchange is epic.

    Oh, plus she can do this.

    There's also all this great lesbian subtext.

    Actually it's kind of just text.

    Seriously, though, how are we not worshiping at the altar of Jennifer Check?

    She should be up there with the other horror greats.

    I mean, this is kind of an outrage.

    Oh, well.

    One day Jennifer's Body and Megan Fox will get the respect they deserve.

    Until then, Jennifer Check can enjoy her cult status.

    Just remember not to underestimate Megan Fox.

    Or she'll destroy you.