Why L.A. Freaks Out When It Rains

    We're just very sensitive to weather, OK?

    RAIN. Rain in Los Angeles!

    We don't always handle it well.

    We have a lot of feelings.

    Sometimes we totally lose our shit.

    But to be fair, it's like REALLY RAINING.

    Do you know how that feels for us?

    Like, this is what we're used to.

    We're in Los Angeles, OK?

    Imagine going from this...

    To THIS. I mean, crap.

    Plus, you've heard about L.A. traffic, right?

    It's roughly 1000 times worse when it rains.

    NO ONE in L.A. knows how to drive when it's raining.

    It's an actual nightmare.

    So we basically don't leave the house. It's not safe.

    Forget about your plans. It's just you and the rain and your feelings.

    Meanwhile, everyone else is like, "Um, we have it much worse."

    "Suck it up, Los Angeles."

    But you don't get how hard this is for us.

    You have NO IDEA what we're going through.

    In Los Angeles, even the lightest drizzle can mean a horrible day.

    But oh well.

    There's always tomorrow.