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    Why Everyone Could Use A Therapist

    Talk it out. You'll feel better.

    Life isn't easy.

    Sometimes you feel trapped in your own head.

    You're convinced everyone hates you.

    And you're not feeling like yourself.

    Maybe you find yourself way too invested in TV.

    Or you overidentify with Britney.

    It just feels like NOTHING is going your way.

    When you try to tell your friends what you're going through, they don't get it.

    They're not interested in hearing you talk about your emotions.

    And if you spend one more night complaining to them, they might just tell you off.

    I know it's tempting to crawl into bed forever.

    Or to drink your troubles away. But there are healthier options.

    Why not go see a therapist.

    Sometimes you need a professional to help you figure out what's going on inside your head.

    They might even have practical advice.

    Therapists don't care when you're being negative.

    They don't care that you're in a bad place.

    They'll never judge you.

    And they'll always at least pretend to be interested in what you're saying.

    You don't have to have it together.

    You can just talk things through with them.

    It's OK if you get emotional.

    They'll NEVER call you crazy.

    Suddenly you realize you can talk about ANYTHING. And they get it.

    You feel a sense of relief. You're a little less alone.

    You won't be cured right away, but things will start to seem less bleak.

    Sometimes you have an actual breakthrough.

    And it feels AMAZING.

    Over time, you might just start to see yourself as a new person.

    Your relationships will improve.

    You'll be more comfortable in your own skin.

    You'll gain self-confidence.

    You can give yourself props for taking the time to work on getting better.

    Because life, while not perfect, will suck that much less.

    Now your friends who were annoyed by all your whining can be annoyed by your new carefree attitude. (Sorry, it's a little much.)

    Yeah, sometimes you just can't win.

    But don't freak out!

    That's why you have a therapist.

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