Why Do You Hate Instagrams Of Brunch?

Let’s work through this together.

1. This is an Instagram of someone’s brunch.

2. Does it make your blood boil?

3. Do you hate the person who took this?

4. Are you never going on Instagram again?

5. Take a step back. Breathe. Look at the photos.

6. Brunch is a beautiful thing.

7. We should all be celebrating it, not condemning those who do.

8. Why does this make you angry?

9. Why does this make you want to confiscate everyone’s phones?

10. Accept that food is pretty.

11. And brunch food is some of the prettiest.

12. Maybe you’re not angry after all.

13. Maybe you’re just hungry.

14. Could that be the sensation that you’re feeling?

15. It’s not rage that makes you pull away. It’s jealousy.

16. Consider your own relationship with brunch.

17. Treat yourself to a hearty meal.

18. Because you deserve it.

19. Sit back. Relax. Take an Instagram.

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