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    Who Is In The Trunk On "Pretty Little Liars"?

    The season finale ended with a cliffhanger as the girls opened the trunk of Wilden's car and found β€” cue credits. Here are a few ideas.

    Don't open that trunk!

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    GASP. OK, so...

    Det. Wilden

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    I mean, it is his car. Even though he survived the hit-and-run, Wilden can't keep skulking around forever. On the other hand, he's the most obvious choice, which basically rules him out. This show would never go that easy on us.


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    Real talk: Ashley is my favorite PLL parent. I'd hate to see her go. But given that the car in question is the police cruiser she used to hit Wilden, it would make sense to find her stuffed in the trunk β€” payback for interfering with A's plans. Ugh, I'm emotional thinking about it.


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    He was dead, and then he wasn't. What better way to screw with Spencer than have him be dead all over again? For real this time. But it's probably not Toby: why would A go to the trouble of setting him up for the fire if she were going to off him anyway?


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    Did you hear her call those girls "bitches"?! Not cool, Melissa. And OK, not a fatal offense either, but the older Hastings daughter has been playing both sides for too long. Would it really be that shocking if A decided to dump her?


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    Where the hell has he been? (In the trunk. Duh.)


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    Bummer? Totally. But what good is Ezra if he's not making out with Aria? Look, I have no doubt the two will eventually get together. If that's not in the cards, though, I'm fine with Ezra in the trunk. I already mourned him during that brutal break-up scene.

    Dr. Sullivan

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    She's always meddling in A's business β€” that can't be good for her lifetime health. I'd worry about the girls' reaction, but let's face it: Dr. Sullivan has been an incredibly ineffectual therapist. Whatever they're paying is too much.


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    We now know Melissa is pretty heavily involved, though we're still not sure to what capacity. Either way, she's likely pissed at Wren for macking on her little sister, which may be why she locked Spencer in the shower. (If that was indeed her.) Just saying, Wren's days could be numbered.


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    Turns out Jenna is losing her eyesight again. How sad for her, though that's still a better fate than ending up in Wilden's trunk. How likely is this scenario? Jenna feels pretty integral to the show. And yet, she's always on the run from someone. That has to end eventually.


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    He's been missing for a while. In Rosewood, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but maybe he got caught while he was trying to flee from A. Finding him in the trunk would probably push Spencer to the brink of madness. Then again, what wouldn't? Poor Spence.


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    Who is Shana? Where did she come from? Why am I supposed to care that she's in cahoots with Jenna and Melissa? Look, there are so many characters on Pretty Little Liars, you can't fault me for not knowing one. I still don't think they'd kill her off this soon.

    Five-time Olympic Gold medalist Missy Franklin

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    Sure, why not?

    Adam Lambert

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    Just spitballing here.


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    The finale revealed that Alison β€” or someone who looks an awful lot like her β€” is still alive. So what a punch to the gut if she ended up dead before the girls could have a proper reunion? She's manipulative and evil, yes, but she has feelings, too. We can't say goodbye before we've found out what her deal is.

    Ugh, cliffhangers. Any other theories? Let me know in the comments.

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