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What Your Favorite Golden Girl Says About You

For starters, you love cheesecake.

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Picking your favorite Golden Girl is harder than picking your favorite child — I'm assuming — but everyone has one. It's the character you relate to most, or at least the one you most aspire to be. Regardless, the Golden Girl you choose says a lot about who you are as a person: It's basically a much less boring Myers-Briggs test. So pick wisely and find out what your choice of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, or Sophia really means.

Dorothy Zbornak

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If your favorite Golden Girl is Dorothy, you consider sarcasm to be the highest form of communication. Nothing impresses you like a perfectly timed comeback. You have a sophisticated sense of humor, which doesn't mean you're above a good dick joke — it just has to be well-crafted. You appreciate the fine arts and have been known to judge those around you by their taste in film and literature. That doesn't mean you're a total snob: You also know how to have a good time, and you take great care to maintain strong relationships with your friends and family. You are passionate when it comes to romance but selective about your partners, because you understand that a good book is more fun to take to bed than a mediocre lover. You mask your vulnerability with self-deprecating humor, but at the end of the day, you're confident that your wit and taste often make you the most interesting person in the room.

Blanche Devereaux

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If your favorite Golden Girl is Blanche, you understand that flirtation is an art — and you are constantly honing your skills. You have a very open mind when it comes to sex: The concept of slut-shaming baffles you. You know how to turn on your charm, and you carry yourself with confidence because you have no trouble commanding attention. At times, you focus too much on what other people think, at which point you have to remind yourself of your considerable assets. It's true that you are easily underestimated. Because you like to celebrate and surround yourself with pretty things, some might dismiss you as frivolous. On the contrary, you're sharper and more competent than they give you credit for — and cuter to boot. Yes, you care deeply about beauty — both your own and those of the people you surround yourself with — but you're classy enough to know that inner beauty counts for something, too.

Rose Nylund

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If your favorite Golden Girl is Rose, you value kindness above all. You're drawn to things that are warm and cozy, and those traits are why people are drawn to you. You love to laugh and you're in on the joke more often than it seems. Although you may not get every highbrow reference, you know that simple common sense is more important than remembering everything you learned in college. You have more patience than most, which makes you a good listener — even if people don't always listen to you. You are very sensitive: You feel things deeply and have a tremendous amount of compassion. At the same time, you're stronger than others assume. You may not choose to show that side of yourself — because you prefer putting your sweetest foot forward — but when the situation calls for it, you are a force to be reckoned with. You love animals, sometimes more than people.

Sophia Petrillo

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If your favorite Golden Girl is Sophia, you're not afraid to say exactly what's on your mind, no matter who might be offended. You're not mean — though you can be — but you have strong opinions and you dish it out with the assumption that those around you can take it. You recognize that sometimes it's more important to be honest than to be sweet. That's not to say you're a cold, unloving person: You actually have a big heart, especially when it comes to family. And because you don't suffer fools (or yutzes), the people you choose to surround yourself with are your family. You love a good story. Although your own love life might be lacking, you're very much an advice-giver when it comes to other people's romantic foibles. You sometimes come across as cynical and world-weary — because, well, you pretty much are. But that attitude means you're all the more delighted when life actually surprises you.