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What It Feels Like When You Don't Get Any Sleep

When was the last time you got your full eight hours?

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There's nothing better than falling into bed after a long day.

But going to sleep isn't always as easy as putting your head on a pillow.

You spend the first hour trying to find a comfortable position that JUST DOESN'T EXIST.

Keep at it, you'll get there. (You won't.)

Maybe it's noise that's keeping you up.

Or if you're lucky, sex.

But most likely, you're just lost in your own thoughts.

You're troubled by daunting existential questions.

Or hey, maybe you're hungry. That's the problem. You end up eating way more than you should.

You reach a point where you stop even trying.

You watch TV for hours. Golden Girls reruns. Informercials. Call-in prayer shows.

And before you know it, you have to wake up. Even though you STILL HAVEN'T SLEPT.

You feel rage. At your alarm clock, at daylight, at yourself.

You're especially angry at time.

And in the light of day, you realize how haggard you look.

You try to explain how you're feeling, but no one really gets it.

You pound coffee, as though that will help. Maybe if you weren't already a caffeine addict.

You fall asleep at work.

Or at least you try.

You're incredibly irritable.

And VERY emotional.

You start to overshare with everyone.

You have trouble processing simple thoughts.

Everything feels fuzzy and fake, like you're stuck in a dream.

You're not even sure you're really awake. INCEPTION.

Either way, you're convinced you've gone insane.

Your behavior becomes increasingly erratic.

Did someone put something in your coffee? Because you are NOT acting sober.

Everything is HILARIOUS.

People around you start to get concerned.

Finally it's nighttime again. You know how badly you need to catch up on lost sleep.

So you collapse into bed.

But as soon as your head hits the pillow, you realize...

And so, the cycle continues.

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