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28 Ways You Identify With Dorothy From "The Golden Girls"

In honor of the late Bea Arthur's birthday, let's reflect on how much you relate to her iconic Golden Girls character.

1. You don't always feel pretty.

2. But you know how to find the humor in other people's gibes.

3. In times of crisis, you can be indecisive.

4. But you still like to be in control of every situation.

5. You're a master of the snappy comeback.

6. But you can also say it all with one devastating look.

7. Or a headshake.

8. And you've mastered the art of the great exit line.

9. You have a matter-of-fact approach to safe sex.

10. And you're full of helpful information.

11. When it comes to relations, you just want what we all want.

12. You consider yourself very open-minded, mostly.

13. You question fashion trends.

14. But you do like to play dress-up.

15. Sometimes you regret your own style choices.

16. You appreciate the finer things in life.

17. You can be a little melodramatic.

18. You have a good relationship with your mother, as long as she's not driving you crazy.

19. Which is a lot. But that's part of why you love each other so much.

20. You're not great at keeping your moods to yourself.

21. I mean sometimes you can't believe the bullshit you have to put up with.

22. And you're not afraid to tell people how you really feel.

23. It's possible you're a little defensive.

24. But you're not serious all the time.

25. You still know how to have fun!

26. And even if you are intimidating, that makes you a great ally to have around.

27. That's part of why you maintain such a close relationship with your friends.

28. And, all sarcastic barbs aside, you'll always be there for each other.