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Watch The Unaired Episodes Of "Don't Trust The B—— In Apt 23"

ABC is finally releasing the last eight episodes of its sadly canceled sitcom. You can watch them all on

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Remember when ABC pulled Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23 from the schedule, breaking our hearts and depriving us of The Beek? Alas, the subversive sitcom is still canceled, but we can now at least get a little closure: ABC has released the eight unaired episodes online.

Here are a couple of the more amazing sounding episode summaries, care of ABC:

"Teddy Trouble..." – With the help of Teddy, her childhood friend from psychopath camp, Chloe prepares for the imminent battle-royale at an annual department store warehouse sale. However, she is uncharacteristically distracted by the return of Benjamin who, June insists, is Chloe's true love. Meanwhile, James is disappointed to learn his Beek-brand jeans are not selling as well as expected.

"Using People..." – June is shocked to discover that Chloe has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings solely to have a captive audience for her stories... and to score free liquor. As June gives Chloe an earful for using people for her own ends, Chloe points out that hypocrite June has been taking advantage of Mark and his unrequited feelings for her, leading June to the realization that maybe she has stronger feelings for Mark than she's been willing to admit. Meanwhile, worried he's too "light weight" to be cast by Martin Scorsese, James tries to add some depth to his character by co-opting others' tales of woe.

Did I mention the series finale includes special guest stars Richard Dean Anderson and Charo?


It's a little bittersweet to watch a series that should have lasted several seasons longer than it did, but at least it doesn't feel unfinished anymore. Plus, you can watch the episodes in the actual order they were intended — ahem, ABC — which means you'll no longer be confused by the weird plot inconsistencies. (Why is James practicing for Dancing With the Stars after getting booted from the show?)

The unaired episodes will only be available online through June 2, so you might want to get on that. Luckily Don't Trust the B---- is an easy show to marathon. I know how I'm spending my night.