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    12 Unconventional TV Hunks

    These characters are heartthrobs, whether they know it or not.

    1. Sheldon Cooper ("The Big Bang Theory")


    As a rule, nerds are hot, but there's something especially alluring about Sheldon. Even when he was asexual, he was bizarrely sexy, making us feel intellectually inferior and interested.

    2. Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold ("Once Upon a Time")


    He doesn't always look so ... scaly. But whether he's in his gross form or looking distinctly human, Rumple is always charming. It's what makes people fall for his tricks — and develop awkward crushes.

    3. Tom Levitt ("Smash")


    He sings, he dances, he gets in lots of fights with Derek. Seriously, though, for a man with a slight build, Tom is a force to be reckoned with — and that makes him way more handsome than those beefy dancers.

    4. Stannis Baratheon ("Game of Thrones")


    He's not necessarily the handsomest Baratheon — although he might be, with Renly gone — but there's something truly commanding about the man. Which is impressive given how much he sucks in battle.

    5. Max Blum ("Happy Endings")


    The adorable Max is "TV fat," which is actually not dissimilar from being "gay fat." By normal person standards, however, he's an awesome size. And so damn scruffy-cute! How could you not want to date him?

    6. Morgan Tookers ("The Mindy Project")


    Sweet, simple Morgan. Sometimes kindness is a man's hunkiest feature — it even makes up for the fact that he's a total idiot. The more Morgan screws up, the more lovable he gets.

    7. Ron Swanson ("Parks and Recreation")


    Ron Swanson is one of the best examples of the unconventional hunk: a man who doesn't do anything to make you want him, might even turn you off with his behaviors, and is all the sexier for it.

    8. Ray Ploshansky ("Girls")


    He may not have Adam's body or Charlie's smile, but Ray is his own special kind of hottie. While we can't fault Shoshanna for breaking up with him, we can certainly imagine ourselves dating him next.

    9. Abed Nadir ("Community")


    Like Sheldon Cooper, Abed walks that fine line between quirky and diagnosable — not that there's anything wrong with that! Besides, Abed's got that lanky hipster hotness going for him. And he loves TV!

    10. David Rosen ("Scandal")


    Further proof that nebbishes can be hunks, too. David Rosen has actually had some shirtless scenes confirming his hot bod status, but he's also just attractive when he's fighting for justice.

    11. Mitchell Pritchett ("Modern Family")


    There's no denying Mitch is a cutie, but it's his sexy neuroses and loving father status that push him firmly into the hunk category. The red hair doesn't hurt either, unless you're not into that, which is wrong.

    12. Ryan King ("Go On")


    He's not Chandler-level hunky — shut up, that's a thing — but he's still a stud. And the fact that he's a total mess makes him all the more attractive, if you're also into fixing broken things.

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