This Is How The Men Of "Teen Wolf" Taste

Ever wondered what it would be like to get up close and personal with Teen Wolf’s resident hunks? On the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, star Holland Roden recounted her experiences kissing four of her co-stars.

1. Holland Roden is no stranger to on-screen kissing.

As Lydia on Teen Wolf, she’s dated Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Aiden (Max Carver), gotten hot and heavy with Scott (Tyler Posey), and shared a long-awaited kiss with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien).

2. But what’s it like actually kissing these hotties?

Keith Habersberger for BuzzFeed

That all depends! Turns out every actor on Teen Wolf has a distinctive flavor based on his eating habits. The more you know.

3. First there was Colton Haynes.


4. The verdict:

Keith Habersberger for BuzzFeed

5. Then there was Tyler Posey.

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6. His scent:

Keith Habersberger

7. Then Dylan O’Brien. FINALLY.


8. His new cultural identity:

Keith Habersberger for BuzzFeed

9. Does no one think about fresh breath?

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Apparently not. But hey, when you look that good, it doesn’t really matter.

10. But wait, what about Max Carver?

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11. The palate cleanser:

Keith Habersberger for BuzzFeed

Roden and Carver even brushed their teeth together before kissing scenes. Cute!

12. And now you know what it’s like to kiss the men of Teen Wolf.

Keith Habersberger for BuzzFeed

You’re welcome.

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