65 Things You Need To Know About The Mythology Of "The X-Files"

Nine seasons of abductions, alien-human hybrids, black oil, and super-soldiers can be tough to follow — especially when so little of it seemed to make sense. In honor of The X-Files' 20th anniversary, here's an attempt at breaking it all down.

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The Syndicate

2. Throughout the years, members included Well-Manicured Man, Cigarette-Smoking Man, William Mulder (Fox Mulder's father), Victor Klemper, Deep Throat, and Alex Krycek.

From left: Well-Manicured Man, Cigarette-Smoking Man, and William Mulder

The Project

The Colonists

Black oil


24. The government collected genetic data for post-apocalyptic identification in the event of colonization, and kept it at the Strughold Mining Company, a front for the Syndicate.

The Vaccine


Samantha Mulder

38. But the real Samantha returned from her abduction as a child: She lived with Cigarette-Smoking Man and his son Jeffrey Spender, and she was subjected to continued experiments.


Cassandra Spender

47. The Syndicate planned to present her to the Colonists, but the meeting was infiltrated by the faceless rebels, who killed Cassandra and destroyed the Project.

The faceless rebels

Bounty hunters



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