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    26 Things We've Learned From "The Mindy Project" This Season

    As the first season of The Mindy Project comes to a close, let's reflect on what Mindy and company have taught us.

    1. When you're stuck in uncomfortable surroundings, turn to the internet.

    2. Know your body type, and own it.

    3. The same goes for your personality quirks.

    4. There is no situation that can't be improved by fast food.

    5. Or a puppy.

    6. Know your rights.

    7. Don't let other people label you.

    8. Remember, your past does not define you.

    9. Always match your attire to your destination.

    10. Make sure you have that perfect outfit ready when you need it.

    11. Be clear about your boundaries with co-workers.

    12. You're an adult. Don't try to keep up with the young people.

    13. Time management means prioritizing your activities.

    14. Learn how to interact with children. Or don't. Whatever.

    15. Don't underestimate the power of a weird pick-up line.

    16. Theoretical celebrity Instagrams is valid first date conversation.

    17. Sometimes movie references really are the best way to communicate.

    18. Be wary of men who try too hard to act mature.

    19. And anyone you meet on the subway.

    20. Showering together is never as sexy as you'd think.

    21. Make sure you're not just hearing what you want to hear.

    22. Don't be afraid to change for the right guy.

    23. Not everyone needs to know what you did last night.

    24. Make sure you're opening up to someone who cares.

    25. There's never a wrong time for a group pic.

    26. Because these are memories you'll want to remember.