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    20 Things I'll Miss About "The Glee Project"

    The Glee Project has been canceled. Keep holding on, TGP fans — we'll get through this together.

    1. Incredibly spazzy dancing.

    2. Young people exposing their insecurities.

    3. Hot people embracing their awkwardness.

    4. The brooding singer-songwriter virgin.

    5. Who is too innocent to understand sexual references.

    6. Sexy music videos that always got a little bit gay.

    7. Cutie pie mentors from Glee.

    8. And their genuine enthusiasm.

    9. And when the contestants tried to flirt with them! The actual cutest thing.

    10. Solid advice.

    11. And questionable advice.

    12. Zach Woodlee's rugged charm.

    13. And when he CRIED.

    14. But also when he laughed! Because he does this amazing thing with his arms.

    15. Ryan Murphy's bullshit filter.

    16. Perfect bromance.

    17. Not to mention the actual romance that blossomed between these contestants.

    18. Lots and lots of cute guys.

    19. And how could we forget that time Charlie brought 9/11 into it.

    20. But most of all? Theater kids acting like theater kids.

    Goodbye, Glee Project. Now I'm going to watch every elimination ever and cry.

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