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    14 Things I Need To See In A "Pitch Perfect" Sequel

    Pitch Perfect, one of BuzzFeed's favorite movies of the year, might be getting a sequel. Here's my wish list for Pitch Perfect 2: Pitch Perfecter.

    1. Fat Amy inspires a body positive movement.

    Fat Amy's enthusiastic embrace of her curves should encourage other young women to own their sizes. The end result: more fat people in a capella.

    2. Beca starts spelling her name correctly.

    Try "Becca" or "Becka" or some other name entirely. I don't really care. It just has to be a legitimate spelling.

    3. Aubrey and Chloe try dating.

    There's something more to that friendship, right? It's time for these women to shake free the shackles of society's constraints and explore what they've been repressing. And if it doesn't work, Aubrey can rebound with Cynthia Rose.

    4. Jesse does this several times.

    It's a little excessive, but nobody minds.

    5. Not to be outdone, Fat Amy does this repeatedly.

    The applause is thunderous.

    6. And Beca makes this face in every scene.

    Come on, it's her signature!

    7. Bumper gets what's coming to him.

    Look, I don't think things are going to work out for Bumper in the long run, but I was still a little disappointed that we never got to see his comeuppance. I'm ready to cheer when Bumper fails.

    8. Rockapella cameo.

    View this video on YouTube

    Please. I need this.

    9. We learn more about Lilly's past.

    Not too much, because we don't want to lose the mystery. Personally, I just want to hear more about her gills.

    10. That one girl in the middle has more lines.

    What was her name again? (Sorry!)

    11. Bigger roles for the judges.

    Maybe they start coaching a capella groups. Maybe Gail starts dating Benji. It doesn't really matter as long as there's more of them -- especially Elizabeth Banks, who gets bonus points for helping make Pitch Perfect happen.

    12. Fantasy sequence in which Fat Amy is actually a mermaid.

    And she sings "Part Of Your World." It's flawless.

    13. Jesse admits The Breakfast Club is overrated.

    Sorry, but aside from the song, it really doesn't hold up that well. It's pretty good -- it's just not Pitch Perfect-level amazing.

    14. Benji gets laid.

    And he's really, really good at it.

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