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    16 Characters Who Have Died On "The Simpsons"

    The Simpsons is killing off a character this season, which is big news for a series that mostly sticks to the status quo. It won't be the first death, however: Here's a look at 16 Simpsons characters who have kicked the animated bucket.

    1. Beatrice Simmons

    2. Gladys Gurney

    3. Bleeding Gums Murphy

    4. Dr. Marvin Monroe

    5. Frank Ormand

    6. Shary Bobbins

    7. Frank Grimes

    8. Captain Tennille

    9. Pinchy

    10. Red Barclay

    11. Maude Flanders

    12. Snowball II

    13. Amber Simpson

    14. Mona Simpson

    15. Fat Tony

    16. Mrs. Glick