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16 Characters Who Have Died On "The Simpsons"

The Simpsons is killing off a character this season, which is big news for a series that mostly sticks to the status quo. It won't be the first death, however: Here's a look at 16 Simpsons characters who have kicked the animated bucket.

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1. Beatrice Simmons


Episode: "Old Money"

Cause of death: Broken heart

Grampa's romance with fellow Springfield Retirement Castle resident Bea Simmons was sadly short-lived: Homer forced Grampa on a family day-trip, and when Grampa returned, Bea had died from a burst left ventricle — a broken heart.

2. Gladys Gurney


Episode: "Selma's Choice"

Cause of death: Bowel obstruction

Marge's great-aunt Gladys died offscreen, but she made an appearance in a VHS tape she had recorded as her will. Gladys warned against ending up a spinster as she had, which inspired her great-niece Selma to consider motherhood.

3. Bleeding Gums Murphy


Episode: "'Round Springfield"

Cause of death: Unspecified illness

Lisa would never have known her mentor Bleeding Gums Murphy was in the hospital if she hadn't stumbled on his room while Bart was recovering nearby. At least they got to jam one last time — and again, when his spirit appeared in the clouds.


4. Dr. Marvin Monroe


Episode: "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)"

Cause of death: Unknown

Is Dr. Monroe dead? Mr. Burns' recovery at the Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital suggests as much — and his tombstone was featured in another episode. Since then, he's popped up very much alive, but he was definitely dead at one point.

5. Frank Ormand


Episode: "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson"

Cause of death: Car accident

The man who encouraged Marge to get into the pretzel business didn't stick around long enough to help her out when she was in a bind. He died in an offscreen car accident, along with — most unfortunately — the executor of his will.

6. Shary Bobbins


Episode: "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious"

Cause of death: Sucked into an airplane turbine

We never saw a body, so it's possible that Shary Bobbins is magically still alive. But given her run-in with a plane at the end of her episode, it's unlikely we'll see her again in human form. (There's a robot version of Shary Bobbins in London.)

7. Frank Grimes


Episode: "Homer's Enemy"

Cause of death: Electrocution

Frank Grimes — or Grimey, as he liked to be called — died trying to prove a point about Homer's incompetence. Uh, point proven? The character remains a fan favorite despite his brief appearance, and Grimes' son later showed up for revenge.


8. Captain Tennille


Episode: "Simpson Tide"

Cause of death: Torpedoed into enemy ship

Like Shary Bobbins, there's some chance Captain Tennille is alive. It just seems very unlikely: Even on an animated sitcom, it's hard to survive being launched torpedo-style into the hull of another ship. And no, he hasn't been seen since.

9. Pinchy


Episode: "Lisa Gets an 'A'"

Cause of death: Boiling

Like so many lobsters, Pinchy was boiled to death. But before he was Homer's dinner, he was Homer's friend. As much as Homer enjoyed the meal — and Pinchy was delicious — there was real melancholy over losing a beloved pet.

10. Red Barclay


Episode: "Maximum Homerdrive"

Cause of death: Beef poisoning

At least Red went out the way he would have wanted to — eating a preposterous amount of steak. It was the steak that did him, in fact. Red's death led Homer to temporarily become a trucker, a development that thankfully did not stick.

11. Maude Flanders


Episode: "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily"

Cause of death: Falling

Maude's death is the most significant on The Simpsons thus far, arguably the series' only major death. Its repercussions have been felt over the past several seasons, with Ned coping and trying to date.


12. Snowball II


Episode: "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot"

Cause of death: Hit by car

Poor Snowball II held the thankless role of Simpson family cat for many years before being unceremoniously killed offscreen by Dr. Hibbert's car. There were several Snowball replacements, culminating in Snowball V, who looks just like Snowball II.

13. Amber Simpson


Episode: "Jazzy and the Pussycats"

Cause of death: Overdose

It's unclear if Homer's secret second wife Amber died from an overdose or because she stood on a roller coaster and got decapitated. Either way, she left this world at an amusement park, as was befitting a person of her stature.

14. Mona Simpson


Episode: "Mona Leaves-a"

Cause of death: Old age

Homer's mom meant well, but her fugitive status meant she was always popping in and out of her son's life. She finally stayed put for her last visit — unfortunately, as a dead person. Homer continues to see his mother in his dreams.

15. Fat Tony


Episode: "Donnie Fatso"

Cause of death: Heart attack

Surprisingly, Fat Tony died of natural causes instead of getting whacked, the most common cause of death in his profession. Less surprisingly, the show didn't really address it, replacing Fat Tony with his identical twin cousin Fit Tony.

16. Mrs. Glick


Episode: "Replaceable You"

Cause of death: Killed by rogue robotic seal

Mrs. Glick deserved better than her bizarre end, but she lived a good life, pouring iodine on children's cuts and selling overpriced candy dishes that are only for candy. Like some of the others, she is still seen in Springfield, possibly as a ghost.