The 12 Questions Adopted People Are Sick Of Answering

    If you were adopted, as I was, you've heard these questions way too many times.

    1. Are you really adopted?

    2. Do you know your real parents?

    3. Why can't I call them your "real parents"?

    4. Do you want to meet your biological parents?

    5. Why don't you want to meet your biological parents?

    6. Why did they give you up?

    7. But can you ever really accept your parents as your real parents?

    8. Don't you think maybe your biological parents were famous?

    9. Why do you look like your adoptive parents?

    10. What if you have siblings you don't know about?

    11. If I were you, I'd feel completely different about all this.

    12. Do you ever get tired answering questions about your adoption?