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The 12 Most WTF "Friends" Fanfic Descriptions

There are 4,135 stories in the Friends section on These are some of the more distressing summaries.

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12. "Chandler happens upon an ex-fat girl"


"Summer Lovin'"

"It's the summer of '89. Chandler, Ross, Carol, and Kip are excited to be done with their first year of college. They head, along with Gandalf, to Ross' parents' beach house for a month. But what happens to the carefree summer when Chandler happens upon an ex-fat girl?"

11. "After a failed suicide..."


"The End of the Line"

"Can Ross take it when he loses Rachel? Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice to try and help her get over him? After a failed suicide they embark on their hardest journey ever. Will they end up together again? Lobsters"

10. "Kind of based on Nelly's song 'Dilemma'"



"Chandler and Monica fanfic. Kind of based on Nelly's song 'dilemma.' Monica and Chandler don't know each other, Monica is married to Richard and they live in apartment 20 and Chandler in apartment 19. They're both pretty young. Richard is beating Monica, and Monica cheats on him with Chandler."


9. "Tradegy strikes during Jack and Erica Bing's sixth birthday party"


"The Abduction of Erica Bing"

"Tradegy strikes during Jack and Erica Bing's sixth birthday party when Erica is Kidnapped and her parents fear the worst, but when she turns up alive and well ten years later, they are horrified to hear what she had went through during her time in captivity. Will Erica get over her ordeal and will her kidnapper be brought to justice?"

8. "Inspired by Matthew Perry's struggles with drugs"


"When the Rain Starts to Fall"

"It's 2014 and the group has drifted apart but they soon come together for the wedding of Joey Tribbiani. The happy reunion is anything but when Chandler's demons come back to haunt him. Inspired by Matthew Perry's struggles with drugs."

7. "She might feel more than just friendship for her cousin Jack"


"Forbidden Love"

"Sequel to Ross and Rachel's Life.5 years have pasted since the end of Ross and Rachel's life. Emma is now 15 years old and it is now becoming increasingly obvious that she might feel more than just friendship for her cousin Jack. Is this true love? or is it just young love?"

6. "Chloe muttered, 'Please don't kill me!'"


"Because of You"

"EDITED RECENTLY! PLEASE RE-READ! PLOT IS DIFFERENT AND BETTER. APOLOGIES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Ross screamed, 'Because of you, I lost Rachel!' Quietly, Chloe muttered, 'Please don't kill me!'"

5. "Ross died"


"The One With the Alternate Ending"

"We all know how friends ended, but what if, on the way to the airport to catch Rachel, Phoebe's wreckless driving caused an accident in which she was left in critical condition, and Ross died. This is the story of what could have happened. Enjoy!"


4. "Chandler Bing has always been a one for mischief"



"Chandler Bing has always been a one for mischief, and when his friends brought along an Ouija Board to his house, he couldn't help but join in when they called him a chicken. He thought nothing of it until staying at the same house as an adult, when he starts to hear strange bumps coming from upstairs..."

3. "While in a coma, her spirits visits all of her friends"


"The One Where Nothing's Forgotten"

"Monica gets into a fatal car crash that ruins everything. While in a coma, her sprit visits all of her friends and consoles them, telling them not to feel bad. Will this break the Mondler tie? Will the love between to siblings crash and burn?"

2. "September the 11th, 2001"


"The Day That Changed the World"

"September the 11th, 2001. Everyone was effected by it. Including Chandler Bing. Can the gang do enough to save him' Chandler has an interview in the towers, and is unfortunately caught in it."

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