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The Most Unnecessary IMDb Trivia For 2012 Holiday Movies

IMDb is full of interesting tidbits about your favorite movies: here's a bunch of useless information about recent and upcoming releases instead.

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"Anne Hathaway reportedly blew everyone away at her audition, leaving them in tears."


"Anne Hathaway actually cut her hair very short for this movie, in a scene where her character sells her hair."


"Hugh Jackman lost considerable weight and grew a real scraggly beard for scenes of Valjean as a prisoner, though mercifully they were shot first in production and he could shave and return to his usual weight for scenes playing Valjean as a wealthy man."


"Zoe Saldana was considered for a role."


"Richard Jenkins's character is never seen standing. He is either sitting in his car or sitting on a bar stool."


"Anthony Hopkins is one of a number of several top British and American actors who actively pursued the role of Alfred Hitchcock."


"Scarlett Johansson portrays Janet Leigh in this film. Johansson and Leigh's daughter Jamie Lee Curtis share the same birthday."


"During the filming of both Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2, Mackenzie Foy had a 'swear jar' and would make the other cast members give her money if they said a curse word in front of her."


"The first Twilight movie in the entire series to have a complete opening credit sequence."


"Mackenzie Foy learned of her casting while filming an episode of Hawaii Five-0 'Ho'apono.'"


"The movie does not feature any American actors or characters, which is unusual for a big budget English language film."


"For the first time in the famous gun-barrel sequence Bond is seen wearing a grey suit rather than a black one."

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