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    The 60 Most Ridiculous Moments In The First Season Of "Smash"

    We know why Smash's first season was such a train wreck, but how did that play out for those of us tuning in? Presented in chronological order, let us count the ways.

    1. Karen auditions for "Bombshell" with "Beautiful."

    2. Leo is upset that his parents are thinking about not adopting a new baby.

    3. Karen experiences her first fantasy musical number.

    4. Eileen throws a drink in Jerry's face. Again.

    5. Michael is performing in a Bruno Mars musical.

    6. Ellis steals Julia's notebooks because he's pissed that he's not getting credit for the Marilyn idea.

    7. Karen returns to Iowa and performs "Redneck Woman" at karaoke.

    8. Ivy and Michael sing the terrible "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and somehow the producers still want this musical to get made.

    9. Members of the ensemble give "Iowa" a Broadway makeover.

    10. Lyle instantly knows how to sing and play "Never Met a Wolf Who Didn't Like to Howl."

    11. Karen and her fellow cast members perform a flawlessly choreographed "Rumour Has It."

    12. Rehearsals continue with more major dance numbers, even though "Bombshell" still doesn't have a book.

    13. Leo gets arrested for smoking weed in the park.

    14. Julia gives Leo an absurd speech about the dangers of drug addiction.

    15. Karen learns to be sexy, and it's embarrassing for everyone.

    16. Michael and Julia kiss outside of Julia's house, even though her kid is right inside.

    17. Julia still hasn't written a book for this show, and Tom defends her.

    18. Julia and Michael carry on their clandestine affair without being clandestine at all.

    19. Ivy has to take prednisone after losing her voice, and she acts like it's a hardcore drug.

    20. Ellis gets in Eileen's good graces, despite being the most unlikable character on a show filled with unlikable characters.

    21. Karen has no idea what a Bar Mitzvah is.

    22. Karen dazzles the crowd with everyone's favorite Bar Mitzvah song, "Shake It Out."

    23. Julia and Michael have sex, then continue being the worst at having an affair.

    24. Karen gets studio time based solely on her mediocre Bar Mitzvah performance.

    25. Ivy's mom is basically Bernadette Peters playing herself, and this is the first we've heard of it.

    26. Leigh performs "Everything's Coming Up Roses" for the "Bombshell" cast.

    27. Michael and Julia ad-lib a scene between Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe.

    28. Eileen's sexy bartender love interest hires illegal labor to get the heat fixed.

    29. Everyone acts like the workshop is a disaster, even though Ivy is the only real talent here.

    30. Julia breaks it off with Michael, who brings his wife and kid along for the ride.

    31. Leo faces a judge for the crime of trespassing on grass.

    32. Karen goes behind everyone's backs to test out an edgier Marilyn show.

    33. Frank finds Julia's new song and manages to piece together that she's been cheating on him.

    34. Frank punches Michael in the face.

    35. Karen is cast in an orange juice commercial where she's forced to wear a full-body latex suit.

    36. Norbert Leo Butz is starring in this bullshit musical about angels.

    37. Ivy loses herself to substances, because prednisone is a gateway drug.

    38. Ivy makes a complete ass of herself on stage.

    39. Karen and Ivy perform a Rihanna duet in the middle of Times Square.

    40. Ivy and Karen are friends now, even though Karen just stole the part of Marilyn.

    41. Ivy imagines herself as Marilyn and sings Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway."

    42. Julia and Tom see a production of the first show they ever wrote, which is unbelievably bad.

    43. Nick gives Eileen a bunch of money that he has stashed away for when he needs to invest in a Broadway show.

    44. Rebecca was apparently hired without anyone checking that she could sing.

    45. Ellis foils his own plot when he forgets how call waiting works.

    46. Derek imagines a really silly number because he's still fantasizing about Karen as Marilyn.

    47. Rebecca is suddenly able to sing and dance.

    48. Rebecca decides to become best friends with Karen for no apparent reason.

    49. Karen imagines a Bollywood number that ends up being the worst thing "Smash" has ever done.

    50. Rebecca sings "Happy Birthday" as Marilyn.

    51. Karen turns down Dev's proposal with the best line of the series.

    52. Ivy and Dev meet as strangers, which makes very little sense.

    53. Julia blames Tom for Michael getting rehired.

    54. There is a homoerotic steam room number.

    55. The entire cast and crew goes to church.

    56. Rebecca is poisoned with peanuts in her smoothie.


    58. Ellis admits to poisoning Rebecca, and somehow isn't arrested.

    59. Karen scrambles to learn the part of Marilyn, because Rebecca didn't have an understudy.

    60. After months of speculation, Karen performs as Marilyn, which was a foregone conclusion.