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The 10 Most Inappropriate TV Pairings

It's great that these characters found love, but their kisses make us squirm.

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1. Aria/Ezra ("Pretty Little Liars")

ABC Family

Why it's wrong: He's her teacher. OK, not anymore, but this relationship definitely started on a creepy note. We don't even need to bring statutory rape into the equation for this to be awful.

Why it works: Despite the age difference, Aria and Ezra really do love each other. It helps that Aria is wise beyond her years, and Ezra is a writer and thus kind of a manchild, anyway.

2. Cersei/Jaime ("Game of Thrones")


Why it's wrong: They're twins. You really don't want to mess up the gene pool that way — look how Joffrey turned out. Plus, their gross incestuous relationship got Ned Stark beheaded.

Why it works: They're perfect for each other. Cersei and Jaime are horrible in different ways, and together they're an unstoppable force. They shared a womb, so why not a bed?

3. Andrea/The Governor ("The Walking Dead")


Why it's wrong: He's a cold-blooded sociopathic murderer, and Andrea's ... not. The Governor is actively working to kill or otherwise violate Andrea's friends, not that she knows that.

Why it works: What Andrea doesn't know can't hurt her. Not exactly true, but as long as they're keeping each other warm in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. They found love in a hopeless place!


4. Olivia/Fitz ("Scandal")


Why it's wrong: He's the President of the United States. Oh, and he's married. Olivia's relationship with Fitz has been a serious problem for both since the start, but they just can't keep their hands off each other.

Why it works: They're so in love! It's doomed, doomed, doomed, but that hasn't stopped them from finding dark corners of the White House to make out in. Those crazy kids will make it work some day.

5. Sally/Glen ("Mad Men")


Why it's wrong: He's creepy. Sorry, Glen. Sally's crush on Glen has always just felt off — perhaps because she's so young, or maybe because Glen used to have the hots for Sally's mom. Either way, ick.

Why it works: It's still pretty innocent, thankfully. We may be fast approaching the episode where Sally loses her virginity to Glen, but until that happens, we can rest easy.

6. Dexter/Debra ("Dexter")


Why it's wrong: They're brother and sister! I don't care that Dexter was adopted — he and Deb were raised as siblings, and that's how they still see each other. Or at least, how Dexter sees Debra.

Why it works: We've never really turned to Dexter for realism, and if you can suspend disbelief that incest isn't gross, you can sort of see how Dexter and Deb would fall for each other. We'll see if they can actually make it work.

7. Meg/Brian ("Family Guy")


Why it's wrong: He's a dog. Honestly, any of Brian's couplings on Family Guy could go on this list. Once you start thinking of the logistics, it all gets very uncomfortable. (Don't think about it!)

Why it works: It doesn't, really. This only lasted one episode, which was plenty. But hey, it's not the most out-there pairing. Sorry, but it's not like Meg could really do any better.

8. Avery/Marilyn ("Nashville")


Why it's wrong: She's in a position of power — whether or not Avery is attracted to Marilyn, he feels obligated to sleep with her in order to advance his career. If you hadn't noticed, she's quite a bit older than Avery.

Why it works: They're using each other, as they pointed out during their blow-up fight. Yeah, it's a little awkward and not really the proper way to do business, but as long as they're both getting something out of it.

9. Mads/Jordan ("The Lying Game")

ABC Family

Why it's wrong: They're stepsiblings. Which isn't that big of a deal, compared to the rest of this incest-heavy list. But Mads and Jordan also seem to hate each other — and they totally screwed over Laurel.

Why it works: They're hot enough that nothing else really matters. We can speculate on the true nature of their attraction, but I think it's mostly that they both look good with their tops off.

10. Courtney Stodden/Doug Hutchison ("Couples Therapy")


Why it's wrong: They got married when she was 16 and he was 51. She's devoutly Christian but hypersexual. And he's — well, he's kind of old. The fact that they're a real couple doesn't help.

Why it works: Because sometimes a shared love of the spotlight can keep two people together. Will Courtney and Doug last? Stranger things have happened. For now, I'm sure they're just happy to be getting so much airtime.