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    27 Moments To Remember From The Season Finale Of "The Following"

    The bloody first season of Kevin Williamson's primetime thriller ended with a predictably brutal finale. Before Season 2 premieres this Sunday on Fox, here's a refresher on what you might have forgotten.

    1. A little kid wearing an Edgar Allan Poe mask arrives with a message.

    2. Ryan calls the number and reaches Agent Parker, who is, sadly, still buried underground in a coffin.

    3. Joe is holding Claire hostage at a lighthouse.

    4. Claire realizes that Joe is waiting until Ryan gets there to kill her, because witnessing Claire's death will destroy Ryan.

    5. Ryan and his team find the car used to kidnap Agent Parker, but one of Joe's followers, Alex, opens fire.

    6. But Ryan very easily captures Alex and demands to know where Agent Parker is.

    7. Back at the house, Claire meets the owner, Neil, whom Joe is also holding hostage.

    8. Ryan viciously tortures Alex for information on Agent Parker's whereabouts.

    9. Ryan and Mike let Agent Parker know they're on the way, but she's already pretty sure she's going to die.

    10. They finally make it to her... and she's dead.

    11. Then Ryan shoots Alex point blank.

    12. In the coffin, Ryan discovers Joe's manuscript, which basically describes what just happened.

    13. To ensure that, Ryan pulls his gun on Mike and orders him to stay put.

    14. Joe asks Claire when she realized she was married to a serial killer.

    15. So Joe violently stabs Neil to prove what killing actually looks like.

    16. Ryan arrives at the house, where Emma greets him.

    17. When he wakes up, he's in a room with Joe and Claire, and Joe is asking super invasive questions about when they fell in love.

    18. Joe is all set to stab Claire's eyes out and kill her, but Ryan manages to talk him out of it.

    19. Ryan is quickly able to disarm Joe and rescue Claire.

    20. In the ensuing fight, Ryan starts a pretty massive fire.

    21. And the house explodes. With Joe in it. RIP Joe.

    22. At last, a happy ending! Joe is dead, seven of his followers are in custody, and little Joey is alive.

    23. But seriously, Joe is confirmed dead. Even though he's definitely not.

    24. Ryan and Claire kiss as a reminder that true love conquers all.

    25. But Emma is still out there, and she's wearing an awful wig.

    26. Back at Ryan's, his ex Molly shows up and reveals that she was one of Joe's followers by STABBING RYAN IN THE STOMACH.

    27. And then she stabs Claire in the back.

    Season 2 of The Following premieres Sunday, Jan. 19 on Fox after the NFL game.