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27 Moments To Remember From The Season Finale Of "The Following"

The bloody first season of Kevin Williamson's primetime thriller ended with a predictably brutal finale. Before Season 2 premieres this Sunday on Fox, here's a refresher on what you might have forgotten.

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1. A little kid wearing an Edgar Allan Poe mask arrives with a message.


No, he's not Joe's tiniest follower. He's just a boy Emma paid $20 to deliver a phone number to Ryan.

4. Claire realizes that Joe is waiting until Ryan gets there to kill her, because witnessing Claire's death will destroy Ryan.


Also because if Joe just killed people when he had the chance, this show would be a lot shorter.

6. But Ryan very easily captures Alex and demands to know where Agent Parker is.


Alex is pretty cheeky about having a gun in his face. He doesn't tell Ryan anything — yet.

9. Ryan and Mike let Agent Parker know they're on the way, but she's already pretty sure she's going to die.


Which, like, I get, but if you're about to be rescued, at least show a little bit of optimism. Instead, she tells Ryan to pass along a goodbye to her sister and parents.

12. In the coffin, Ryan discovers Joe's manuscript, which basically describes what just happened.


Is Joe psychic, or does he just know that Ryan and Mike are really bad at their jobs? Either way, it looks like Ryan will have to face Joe alone.

13. To ensure that, Ryan pulls his gun on Mike and orders him to stay put.


Having backup would probably be helpful, but it's just not in the cards for whatever misguided reason.

16. Ryan arrives at the house, where Emma greets him.


She orders him to ditch his gun and phone, which he does obviously. And then he gets drugged with a needle to the neck. Just a good showing all around by Ryan.

20. In the ensuing fight, Ryan starts a pretty massive fire.


And he leaves Joe behind to die in it, because apparently, Ryan has never watched a scary movie before. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE KILLER IS DEAD.

22. At last, a happy ending! Joe is dead, seven of his followers are in custody, and little Joey is alive.


Claire repeatedly asks Ryan if he's sure Joe is dead, and Ryan is like, "Yes, definitely," while he winks at the audience. (He doesn't actually wink at the audience.)

23. But seriously, Joe is confirmed dead. Even though he's definitely not.


They used dental records and DNA to prove it. Did Joe just leave his teeth at the scene to trick the FBI? Sounds painful but hilarious.

Season 2 of The Following premieres Sunday, Jan. 19 on Fox after the NFL game.

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