The "Dexter" Series Finale Was Unbelievably Awful

Dexter has been up and down for a while, but nothing could have prepared us for a finale that bad. MAJOR SPOILERS for "Remember the Monsters?"

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Um. What the hell was that.

So Dexter runs to Deb in the hospital, and she tells him to go to Argentina because he deserves a happy ending.


The sociopath serial killer deserves a happy ending? Sure, that makes sense.

Hannah almost gets caught, but then she doesn't.


Because duh, she carries around a hypodermic needle full of horse tranquilizer with her at all times. Don't you? Also, let's take a moment to LOL at Elway's face here.

Dexter kills Saxon. With a pen to the neck. And a lot of witnesses.


I mean, I guess he's upset about Deb, but this is still really out of character. Did he suddenly forget how to murder properly? He's also acknowledged that Miami Metro has a solid case against Saxon. Oh well.

How much did you hate Dexter's series finale? Or can you defend it?