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The 70 Best Jokes From "Arrested Development" Season 4

In case you want to relive those 15 episodes you marathoned. Here are some of the funniest jokes and running gags, presented in chronological order. WARNING: This will spoil the new season — go ahead and watch it first.

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37. Lindsay uses the alias "Cindy Featherbottom."


It's a reference to Tobias' "secret" identity as "Mrs. Featherbottom," but also a literal reference to Cindy the ostrich, who has a feather bottom.

54. Maeby Featherbottom.


Maeby adopts her dad's Featherbottom alias for one of her yearbook pictures. She also uses the term of endearment "pussy." Thanks for that, Rita.

Favorite jokes or sight gags that we missed? Add yours in the comments.

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