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    32 Signs You're The Milhouse

    We all feel a little blue sometimes. Here's a tribute to the most relatable character on The Simpsons.

    1. You're kind of a spaz.

    2. Not to mention a nerd.

    3. And a dork.

    4. You're allergic to EVERYTHING.

    5. Nothing ever really goes your way.

    6. You're gullible.

    7. And overly eager to please.

    8. Which is why people walk all over you.

    9. You have poor eating habits.

    10. And you're lazy.

    11. And it shows.

    12. You're scared of everything.

    13. You don't know how to act your age.

    14. Or dress your age, for that matter.

    15. And your parents aren't helping matters.

    16. Your attempts at changing up your look are embarrassing, to say the least.

    17. You're unlucky in love.

    18. Maybe it's because you're terrible at flirting.

    19. Or because you fall for the wrong people.

    20. It's not your fault everyone else is the worst.

    21. When you do get attention, it's never from the right person.

    22. Mostly you're neglected.

    23. You feel alone in this world.

    24. Which is why you're desperate for attention.

    25. Sometimes it feels like nothing can cheer you up.

    26. Your friends can't help but notice your sad-sack attitude.

    27. And it's bringing them down.

    28. Listen, I know things seem bleak.

    29. But it gets better: One day you'll stop worrying what other people think.

    30. The less you care, the cooler you are.

    31. The right people will start to take notice.

    32. And you'll finally get the things you deserve.