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Seven Sexy TV Villains

They make being bad look really good.

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1. Kit Walker (American Horror Story: Asylum)

Is he a serial killer, or did the aliens do it? Honestly, it doesn't really matter. Kit is appealing either way, as Evan Peters once again brings charm to a character we probably shouldn't be so attracted to.

2. Hannah McKay (Dexter)

Dexter finds himself drawn to Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) even though she might be a serial killer. Scratch that -- because she might be a serial killer. Like Dexter, Hannah presents a version of herself that's far less threatening than the real thing.

3. Captain Hook (Once Upon a Time)

Like so many villains on ABC's fairy tale drama, Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) isn't bad so much as misunderstood, and that just makes him sexier. Not since Jack Sparrow has a pirate with eyeliner looked this good.

4. Nick Saverese (The Good Wife)

Here's the thing: Nick's erotic thriller relationship with wife Kalinda is the lowest point of The Good Wife's fourth season. That doesn't mean Marc Warren isn't bringing something worthwhile to the show, namely his ability to undress everyone with his eyes.

5. Juliette Barnes (Nashville)

Calling Juliette Barnes a "villain" might seem a bit unfair, but she hasn't done much to suggest otherwise. Hayden Panettiere is at her best playing a coy vixen who takes what she wants, whether that means nail polish or Deacon.

6. Nate Walker/Jason Neville (Revolution)

Look, the man knows how to work a crossbow, and in this post-apocalyptic world, that's a sexy skill to have. That aside, Nate (JD Pardo) is a handsome guy despite being something of a daddy's boy.

7. Gyp Rosetti (Boardwalk Empire)

As a new addition to an already overstuffed cast, Bobby Cannavale could have felt superfluous. Instead, he's fast become the show's hottest ruthless gangster -- and no, his full-frontal scene didn't hurt.