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    Posted on Dec 10, 2012

    11 Santas Who Might Kill You

    Santa Claus: fat, jolly, homicidal. St. Nick is usually a force for good, but every once in a while, Santa (or someone dressed like him) goes on a festive killing spree.

    1. Billy Chapman (Silent Night, Deadly Night)

    Little Billy's childhood trauma ruined Christmas for him -- and ultimately, for all of us.

    2. Ronald Jones Jr. (Silent Night)

    In this year's loose remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night, we lost killer Santa's backstory but gained a really frightening mask.

    3. Joulupukki (Rare Exports)

    Do not go looking for evil Finnish Santa: he doesn't want to be found.

    4. Krampus (Alpine folklore)

    Krampus is a terrifying Christmas demon, as seen on The Venture Bros. and American Dad. He's actually the anti-Santa, but he's scary and festive enough to be included here.

    5. Leigh (American Horror Story)

    Same idea as Silent Night, Deadly Night, really -- now with Deadwood's Ian McShane!

    6. "Santa" (Tales From the Crypt, "And All Through the House")

    Escaped mental patient Santa is frightening enough without thinking about how long it's been since he washed that beard.

    7. Robot Santa Claus (Futurama)

    His programming has him convinced that you're naughty, but leaving you coal isn't sufficient punishment.

    8. Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

    While Jack is completely well-intentioned, his toys could do some serious damage. You'll probably be OK, though: this is a kids' movie.

    9. Santa Claus (Santa's Slay)

    Professional wrestler Goldberg fills out Santa's suit as an evil demon who eventually murders Fran Drescher. Not cool.

    10. Harry (Christmas Evil/You Better Watch Out)

    Yep, another kid whose childhood trauma (he saw Mommy fondling Santa Claus) turned him into a psychopath. John Waters called Christmas Evil the best Christmas movie ever.

    11. Gizmo (Gremlins)

    You're fine unless you get him wet or feed him after midnight. Totally worth the risk.

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