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    Remember When You Got Suckered Into Joining Columbia House?

    You just wanted 10 CDs for the price of one.

    It seemed too good to be true.

    No one could beat those prices.

    How could you lose?

    Here's the thing: You didn't read the fine print.

    Those "penny" CDs charged a lot for shipping. Like, an obscene amount.

    And you HAD to keep buying.

    You bought the "Godzilla" soundtrack, and it wasn't enough.

    You bought the Harvey Danger album, and it still wasn't enough.

    You bought the Marcy Playground album, and damn it, Columbia House demanded that you buy more.

    Whether or not you bought Natalie Imbruglia, they were going to keep charging you.

    Your allowance wasn't cutting it. This was costing way more than you'd ever imagined.

    You were in over your head.

    That's when you went to your parents. There was a lot of screaming. And tears. And a loan you never paid back.

    But you learned from your mistakes. You bought your next CD at the store.

    And you vowed to help others learn from your mistake.

    I know how tempting this looks, but be cautious.

    ALWAYS read the fine print.

    Consider yourself warned.