28 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Web Therapy"

Lisa Kudrow plays Fiona Wallice, who may be the worst therapist of all time. You can now catch up on all 100 webisodes on Hulu — so what are you waiting for?

1. Because Fiona Wallice is flawless.

2. And while she doesn’t have time to watch TV, you do.

4. And there is nothing funnier than watching Fiona lose her shit.

5. Except maybe watching someone else lose her shit at Fiona.

6. Because almost every supporting character is a delightful idiot.

7. They say amazing things.

8. Fiona doesn’t make any sense either, which her clients only occasionally notice.

9. These people don’t think they’re idiots, which just makes it better.

10. Anyone who goes to Fiona for therapy must be at least A LITTLE dumb.

11. Because the show is internet savvy.


Via nayashugs.

12. Like, so internet savvy.

13. Fiona will impress you with her incredible tech skills.

14. Because you need a Friends reunion.

15. Actually, you need multiple Friends reunions.

16. How about all of the Friends reunions? How does that sound?

17. Or maybe you need a belated ’90s sitcom crossover.

18. Because every guest star is amazing.

19. I mean, where else are you going to see Meryl Streep do this?

21. Or explain the wrongness of gay sex with her hands?


22. Because where else can you watch Darren Criss and Mae Whitman awkwardly make out?


23. Or see Lily Tomlin all thugged out?

24. (Everything Lily Tomlin does on this show is incredible.)

25. Or hear these words come out of Rosie O’Donnell’s mouth?

26. Or catch Jane Lynch playing it straight.

27. Because it’s cheaper than actually going to therapy.

28. And let’s face it: you need it.

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