25 Reasons To Worship Courtney Shayne From "Jawbreaker"

    You're the shadow, she's the sun. In honor of Rose McGowan's 40th birthday, let's celebrate her iconic role as Courtney Shayne in Jawbreaker.

    1. Courtney Shayne is the ultimate teen queen.

    2. She is Satan in heels.

    3. She has a realistic perspective on life.

    4. But also gets that she's the center of the universe.

    5. She's actually terrifying.

    6. But only when she needs to be.

    7. She's not afraid to be the center of attention.

    8. Or of lying.

    9. Or of anyone who crosses her path.

    10. Because you're nothing to her.

    11. She can end you whenever she feels like it.

    12. And she will.

    13. Which is why you must always respect her authority.

    14. She knows how to behave in a crisis.

    15. Maybe a little too well.

    16. And she has a good sense of humor about things later.

    17. Because sometimes shit happens. Deal with it.

    18. She has no patience for her idiot friends.

    19. Or anyone, really.

    20. She knows what she wants in a man.

    21. And she always has the upper hand.

    22. Even at her lowest, she still looks fierce.

    23. FIERCE.

    24. No one will ever be as flawless.

    25. So bow down.