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    30 Reasons "Sleepless In Seattle" Is The Greatest Romantic Comedy Of All Time

    Twenty years ago, Nora Ephron taught us what love was really about: meeting a stranger at the top of the Empire State Building.

    1. Because what if?!

    2. Because Meg Ryan was at peak levels of charming.

    3. Because HANKS.

    4. Because, let's face it, this reunion was long overdue.

    5. Plus, it set the stage for THIS reunion.

    6. Listen, Tom and Meg are so MFEO that we didn't even root for Bill Pullman.

    7. Because he saw her and he KNEW.

    8. And all they could say was "hello."

    9. Because OH, GOD, THE FEELINGS.

    10. Will we ever know love like this??

    11. Because it gave us hope.

    12. Because Rosie O'Donnell was at the top of her game.

    13. We all wanted to watch "An Affair to Remember" with these women.

    14. Because Ross Malinger was perfect.

    15. Because Rita Wilson has never been better.

    16. This whole scene, really. Flawless.

    17. VICTOR GARBER, you guys.

    18. Because David Hyde Pierce broke it down for us.

    19. He's right about Seattle, though.

    20. Because she could peel an apple in one long, curly strip.

    21. Because it taught us about computers.

    22. Because it made tiramisu sound filthy.

    23. Because there will never be another Nora Ephron.

    24. Annnd now I'm crying again.

    25. Because this was the most romantic image any of us had seen.

    26. Like, are you KIDDING me??

    27. Because no ending will ever be better. EVER.

    28. Just give up, every other romance.

    29. We DREAM about living that moment.

    30. And it was like ... magic.