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26 Reasons "Grease 2" Is Better Than "Grease"

Sorry, haters, the infamous Grease sequel is an actual cinematic masterpiece.

1. Because Michelle Pfeiffer is everything.

2. No one has ever been cooler.

3. She's flawless.

4. And unlike mousy Sandy, she knows it.

5. Because it's about women standing up for themselves and refusing to be defined by the men in their lives.

6. These Pink Ladies don't take shit from anyone.

7. They have aspirations past boyfriends.

8. Meanwhile, the T-Birds are adorably lame.

9. Because Grease 2 will teach you how to be a better feminist.


11. Because Maxwell Caulfield is a dreamboat.

12. I'm sorry. What was the question?

13. And the best part is, the GUY has to change for the GIRL.

14. That's right: Sometimes it's the dude who has to compromise his ideals for love.

15. Because "Cool Rider" is the actual best song.

16. I DARE you to not sing along.

17. There's also a song about BOWLING.

18. And DOING IT.

19. It's even educational, if you're interested in learning about plant sex.

20. Or teen pregnancy.

21. Because the costumes are AMAZING.

22. Things I need: these pants.

23. They're an assault on the senses IN THE BEST WAY.

24. Did I mention the movie ends with a luau? Your move, Grease.

25. Because no final scene has ever been hotter.

26. Any questions?