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    Posted on Jul 3, 2013

    24 Reasons "American Dad" Might Make You Hate Americans

    Let's face it: We're the worst.

    1. We almost always put white men in charge.

    2. We have terrible work ethic, and it shows.

    3. We're lazy.

    4. We get off on cheating the common man.

    5. We try to solve every problem with pharmaceuticals.

    6. Or alcohol.

    7. Seriously, though, we drink way too much.

    8. Which is part of why we're so immature and irritating.

    9. At the same time, we're boring and sexually repressed.

    10. And casually racist.

    11. And misogynistic.

    12. We overeat constantly.

    13. With little regard for our health.

    14. We pride themselves on our gluttony and inactivity.

    15. And when we do diet, we take it to crazy extremes.

    16. The same goes for exercise.

    17. We refuse to have a serious debate about gun control.

    18. We base all their opinions on our religious beliefs.

    19. And we treat atheists like they're defective.

    20. We prize TV above all else.

    21. Even when whatever we're watching is awful.

    22. Meanwhile, we can't spend five minutes away from the internet.

    23. And it makes us terrible at conversation.

    24. But hey, at least we're entertaining?

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