"Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Quotes: Fill In The Blank

If you’re an avid viewer of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know these ladies don’t always choose their words carefully. Help them out with this fill-in-the-blank quiz.

  1. 1. Adrienne on Brandi

    “Brandi does not care about anybody’s reputation, certainly not her reputaion, not my reputation. She only cares about _______.”

    1. Money
    2. Fame
    3. Attention
    4. Sex
  2. 2. Kyle on Kim

    “I am extremely happy that my sister is sober, but I don’t think that she is making a clear decision on wanting to all the sudden address these issues with _______.”

    1. Adrienne
    2. Camille
    3. Brandi
    4. Yolanda
  3. 3. Camille on Distinctions

    “There’s a big difference between what Brandi said about Paul and Adrienne, and what I said about _______.”

    1. Kyle
    2. Taylor
    3. Kelsey
    4. Lisa
  4. 4. Brandi on Gossip

    “If i could take it back, would I? I would, yes. But it’s not gossip. It’s _______.”

    1. An exaggeration
    2. A white lie
    3. A rumor
    4. The truth
  5. 5. Kim on Birthdays

    “My son is turning 21 and we’re going to _______.”

    1. Las Vegas
    2. Paris
    3. Disneyland
    4. Dubai
  6. 6. Mauricio on Brandi

    “I think she’s disgusting. I can’t believe you’re inviting her. Honey, she lies. she’s a _______.”

    1. Femme Fatale
    2. Gossip Girl
    3. Mean Girl
    4. Bad Bitch
  7. 7. Kyle on Sisterhood

    “These are not girls — these are like _______.”

    1. Vipers
    2. Gorgons
    3. Pit Bulls
    4. Piranhas
  8. 8. Yolanda on Staying Young

    “I believe that _______ is the fountain of youth.”

    1. Sex
    2. Exercise
    3. Botox
    4. Marriage
  9. 9. Faye on Apologies

    “Forget the flowers. Send her _______.”

    1. An orchid
    2. A dead fish
    3. A Hallmark card
    4. A Facebook friend request
  10. 10. Brandi on Assertiveness

    “I don’t attack people viciously for no reason. I come back at you, yes, because I’m not a _______.”

    1. Doormat
    2. Princess
    3. Richards sister
    4. Wallflower

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