Ranking The Men Of "Teen Wolf"

Teen Wolf is ostensibly a show about werewolves, but it’s really a show about shirtless hunks. In preparation for the midseason finale, here’s how the hotties stack up.

19. Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan)


Not to be ageist, but he just can’t compete with the twentysomething studs on this show. For an older gentleman, however, Gerard is quite handsome.

18. Coach Bobby Finstock (Orny Adams)


Not a bad looking guy, and what he lacks in abs he makes up for in sarcasm.

17. Dr. Alan Deaton (Seth Gilliam)


For a long time, Dr. Deaton was a man of mystery, which definitely added to his sex appeal. Now that we know he’s a Druid, he’s not quite as appealing, but he does still have that sexy mentor thing going on.

16. Ennis (Brian Patrick Wade)


Great body, but with one of those faces that always looks kind of angry. One of the few characters who was actually hotter in wolf form.

15. Adrian Harris (Adam Fristoe)


Nerd alert! But handsome nerd.

14. Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby)


While not the hottest dad on this show — to be fair, there’s a lot of competition — Sheriff Stilinski is still looking good. Just try not to get lost in those stern but loving eyes.

13. Agent Rafael McCall (Matthew Del Negro)


Scott’s dad is a dick, but he’s a dick with good bone structure. Wait, that didn’t come out right.

12. Matt Daehler (Stephen Lunsford)


No Kanima could hope for a dreamier master than Matt. He was too pretty to drown.

11. Deucalion (Gideon Emery)


Scary eyes aside, Deucalion is one of the hottest adversaries the good guys have faced. That English accent doesn’t hurt matters either.

10. Ethan and Aiden (Charlie and Max Carver)


Identical twins with equally perfect bodies. There should be a law.

9. Danny Mahealani (Keahu Kahuanui)


Danny is such a sweetheart, he was hot even before we saw him with his shirt off. It’s no wonder ostensibly straight Stiles is still thirsting for his approval.

8. Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)


Obviously the hunkiest hunk on a hunk-heavy show. So why isn’t Derek higher? He’s a little too broody for my taste. And he could stand to cut down on the muscles.

7. Peter Hale (Ian Bohen)


With his scars and bad hair, Peter wasn’t much to look at, but man does this werewolf clean up nice. His moral ambiguity makes him that much hotter.

6. Chris Argent (JR Bourne)


Major DILF. Sorry not sorry.

5. Boyd (Sinqua Walls)


My only issue with Boyd was that I don’t believe he was ever a shy outcast. No one this attractive has a hard time fitting in.

4. Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes)


Perfection, thy name is Colton Haynes. You know a show has an unusually beautiful cast when someone as hot as this guy ends up in fourth place.

3. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey)


As Scott has matured from hapless Beta to almost Alpha, Tyler Posey has grown increasingly handsome. Is he actually a werewolf? Who cares. He’s ridiculously good looking.

2. Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman)


Sorry, Scott. The hottest werewolf on Teen Wolf is actually Isaac. If Allison doesn’t hit that soon, I’m going to.

1. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien)


But guess what: Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes. The dreamiest man on Teen Wolf isn’t a ripped werewolf — it’s the loyal best friend. Sure, Dylan O’Brien is cute as hell, but Stiles’ hottest qualities are his good heart and sense of humor. Nobody else compares.

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