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19 OMG Moments From This Week's "True Blood"

Vamp camp turns out to be a less-than-exciting summer destination, and Sookie learns the cold hard truth about her parents. MAJOR SPOILERS for "Fuck the Pain Away."

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3. When Billith summoned Warlow.


Yep, that's apparently a thing he could do. Also, it appears that hurting Warlow hurts Bill, which — uh, we might want to jot that one down?

6. When Pam encountered vampire camp's freaky experiments.


Vampires getting their fangs ripped out, vampires being forced to run on giant hamster wheels, and — oh, yes — vampires fucking at ridiculously high speeds. Because science!

8. When Jason and Sarah reconsummated their relationship.


Oh, Jason. I don't think that's going to make your gay Ben dreams go away. Sarah got the episode's best line: "I truly believe God wants me to fuck you." Amen.

14. When we learned Sookie's parents were trying to kill her after all.


Which means Warlow was telling the truth about protecting Sookie that night. Which means it's totally OK to ship Sookie/Warlow again.

18. When Eric and Pam had to fight to the death.


And the winner is... CLIFFHANGER. (But seriously, neither, please. Eric and Pam are two of the only reasons True Blood is still watchable.)

19. When Sookie got drowned.


Here's something not to do when your head gets shoved underwater: start screaming. Anyway, it's safe to assume Sookie survives — but she's going to have a lot of daddy issues to deal with.

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