11 Movie Exorcisms That Went Poorly

It never really goes well, does it? In honor of The Last Exorcism II, here are 11 other films with major exorcism-related casualties. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

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1. "The Rite"

Warner Bros.

The demon: Baal.

The victim: Rosaria.

What goes wrong: Rosaria miscarries before the exorcism can be completed. She then hemorrhages and dies of blood loss.

2. "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"

Screen Gems

The demons: Six of them, actually. The demon who possessed Cain, the demon who possessed Nero, the demon who possessed Judas, Legion, Belial, and Lucifer.

The victim: Emily Rose.

What goes wrong: Emily Rose suffers from stigmata and dies. Her exorcist is charged in connection with her death.

3. "The Devil Inside"

Paramount Pictures

The demons: Unknown, but there are four of them.

The victims: Maria and Isabella Rossi.

What goes wrong: Maria murders three people during her exorcism. Later, Isabella is successfully exorcised, but she and her exorcists presumably die in a car crash at the end of the film.

4. "The Possession"


The demon: A dybbuk.

The victim: Em Brenek.

What goes wrong: Immediately after completing the exorcism, the exorcist Tzadok's car is hit by a truck and he's instantly killed.

6. "The Exorcist"

Warner Bros.

The demon: Pazuzu.

The victim: Regan McNeil.

What goes wrong: Father Karras becomes possessed and commits suicide by throwing himself out the window.

7. "The Exorcist II: The Heretic"

Warner Bros.

The demon: Pazuzu.

The victim: Regan, once again.

What goes wrong: Regan's guardian Sharon self-immolates during the exorcism. (It's also worth noting that the exorcism in the first film clearly didn't take.)

9. "Exorcist: The Beginning"

Warner Bros.

The demon: Pazuzu. Duh.

The victim: Sarah.

What goes wrong: The demon is successfully exorcised from Sarah, but she dies from the ordeal.

10. "The Unborn"

Universal Pictures

The demon: A dybbuk.

The victim: Casey Beldon.

What goes wrong: Casey's boyfriend Mark is briefly possessed while the demon is free. He's stabbed in the neck and eventually falls to his death.

11. "Season of the Witch"

Relativity Media

The demon: Unknown, but it's definitely not a witch!

The victim: Anna.

What goes wrong: During the exorcism, the demon kills Debelzeq, Felson, and Nicolas Cage. Er, Behmen von Bleibruck.