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    The 18 Most Embarrassing Things Marnie Has Done On "Girls"

    No, Marnie, Hannah does not want to perform an impromptu duet with you at her birthday party.

    18. When she couldn't take a compliment gracefully.

    17. When she realized Booth was stringing her along way after the fact.

    16. When she whined about her clothes being "basic."

    15. When she complained about Charlie. Again.

    HBO / via girls-updates

    14. When she tried to insult Elijah.

    13. When she danced.

    HBO / via poussseys

    12. When she attempted this method of seduction.

    11. When she was totally whatever.

    HBO / Via

    10. When she made the trip to rehab about her.

    HBO / via c-mines

    9. When she asked Ray to help her "lay down this track."

    HBO / via tatianamaslnay

    8. When she inadvertently threw shade.

    7. When she wouldn't shut up about the grilled pizza.

    6. When she was definitely bragging.

    HBO / via touchofyourlips

    5. When she thought this was romantic and not weirdly racist.

    4. When she forced Hannah into a duet of "Take Me or Leave Me."

    HBO / via takeustoglory

    3. When she was too sad to finish her taco.

    HBO / via jessajohansson

    2. When she made this heinous music video.

    HBO / via chaseangela

    1. When she performed Kanye against everyone's will.

    HBO / via garlogan78

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