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    "Mistresses" Is The Best Worst Show On TV

    Is anyone else watching ABC's steamy late-night soap Mistresses? It's grade-A garbage.

    Mistresses is not a good show.


    In fact, it's kind of terrible. So why can't I stop watching?

    It's ostensibly a show about friendship.

    These four women are there for each other, no matter what each one is going through. The show does a good job of underlining the unbreakable bond between them.

    But really, it's a show about doin' it.

    Specifically with someone who isn't your spouse. And that is great. The main draw of a late-night soap is steamy love scenes and partner swapping. Let's be grateful that Mistresses is able to cut through the bullshit.

    Like, EVERYONE cheats.

    And it's totally salacious.

    And then they talk about it, endlessly.

    Via augwins.

    And they do it all in public, even when the conversation moves from infidelity to assisted suicide.

    Via augwins.

    There are laughs.

    Via n-riverass.

    And sass.

    Via thelostie.

    And TEARS. Obviously.

    Look, I'm not going to lie to you: this isn't quality TV.

    But it's the summer. What are you doing that you can't make time in your schedule for something trashy and absurd?

    Would it help if I told you Sun from Lost is in it?

    And that there are hot guys?

    And that Alyssa Milano is stubbornly refusing to age?


    You can even fast-forward to the sex scenes.

    There are plenty to choose from!

    I won't tell anyone.

    You need to be watching Mistresses, not because it's great TV...

    ...but because I can't do this alone.

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