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22 Life Lessons From Ramona Singer

Get the pinot ready.

1. Own your flaws.

Bravo / via realitytvgifs

2. And your strengths.

3. Be clear about your wants and needs.

4. Always make sure you're being heard.

5. And don't be afraid to call people out when you feel that you're not.

6. Be the savviest person in any situation.

7. Give practical advice.

Bravo / via realitytvgifs

8. Don't be afraid to speak your mind when you're bored with a conversation topic.

9. Or an activity.

10. Look for creative solutions to feelings of ennui.

Bravo / via realitytvgifs

11. And spread your truth.

12. Don't let anyone else police your fun.

13. Don't waste your time with lesser beings.

14. Especially when you've already given them a second chance.

15. Don't let their flattery fool you.

16. Surround yourself with friends who understand you.

17. And people who can anticipate your needs.

18. Treat others with kindness whenever possible.

19. And when you do have to be aggressive, mind your language.

20. Be sure to put a positive spin on every situation.

21. Walk proudly and with purpose.

Bravo / via realitytvgifs

22. And always celebrate life.

All GIFs generously provided by T. Kyle MacMahon at RealityTVGIFs.

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