21 Reasons Joffrey Baratheon Is The King Of My Heart

Bow down to everyone’s favorite character on Game of Thrones. Spoilers through “The Lion and the Rose.”

1. He’s precious.

2. But also ripped. (And legal IRL. RELAX.)

3. He’s endlessly romantic.

4. I mean, he’s secretly a total softie!

5. Sometimes he just needs to be held. Aww.

6. He gives great smirk.

8. Truly, he is the king of sass.

HBO / Via tyrionsthrone


9. And also just the king overall. Get used to it.

10. He’s got rhythm.

11. He always has a good time, haters be damned.


12. And that’s impressive, because he puts up with a lot of shit.

13. He is a born leader.


14. Tact? He’s too cool to worry about tact.

HBO / Via roobbstark


15. But he is thoughtful when it comes to gifts.

16. And he always knows the right thing to say.


17. He can take a slap.


18. And he’s truly excellent at dying.

HBO / Via droqo


19. There’s simply no one more regal and dignified than Joffrey.

20. And he will never let you forget it.

21. Oh, and he looks great in purple.

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